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Sword Practice

Shihan Henderson instructs Sempai Jim Andrews (L) and Sensei Dan Desjardins (R) in sword.



Amenimo Makezu

Kenji Miyazawa

Unbeaten by the rain
Unbeaten by the wind
Bested by neither snow nor summer heat
Strong of body
Free of desire
Never angry
Always smiling quietly
Dining daily on four cups of brown rice
Some miso and a few vegetables
Observing all things
With dispassion
But remembering well
Living in a small, thatched-roof house
In the meadow beneath a canopy of pines
Going east to nurse the sick child
Going west to bear sheaves of rice for the weary mother
Going south to tell the dying man there is no cause for fear
Going north to tell those who fight to put aside their trifles
Shedding tears in time of drought
Wandering at a loss during the cold summer
Called useless by all
Neither praised
Nor a bother
Such is the person
I wish to be

by: Kenji Miyazawa

Now On The Web

Dai Kuu Ryu is now on the web. Students of the school may refere to this website for all information pertaining to the school and events.